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Modern supply chain management for ingredients and commodities.

Track raw materials from origin and processing through to their final destination. Capture production data in one place. Collaborate across your entire network of trading partners.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Build, scale, and manage your supply chain from anywhere.

With technology, services, and partners from origination through to manufacturing, companies of any size can navigate global trade in raw materials with greater confidence and speed.

4 continents

with Petrichor users

Any documentation

covering origin through to final delivery obligations

All supply chain milestones

logged across ocean, rail, air, barge, and road

Vessel at Port
Digitizing Supply Chains

All of Your Supply Chain Accessible on One Screen

With Petrichor, one leading importer replaced hundreds of email and text message threads with a single view for shipment visibility. That means faster customer service and lower administrative costs. Now, their customers have the same ingredient visibility, all the way back to origin.

Petrichor Dashboard

Trusted By Leading Agribusinesses

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Boost Operational Efficiency

Modernize your internal operations without relying on spreadsheets and emails to circulate information.

Minimize manual data entry, avoiding errors and wasted time

Improve production planning and forecasting

Better manage inventory to avoid stockouts or holding costs

Petrichor Raw Material Shipments
Petrichor Shipment Tracking

Reduce Logistics Spend and Bottlenecks

Real-time shipment tracking and one-click tracing put data at your fingertips while pleasing customers and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Proactively address supplier or carrier exceptions

Identify best-performing carriers and shippers based on analytics

Improve shipment predictability and data consistency

Strengthen Trust in Your Supply Chain

Choose the data you want your trading partners to access and securely share updates on individual shipments.

Enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers

Distinguish your operations with a digital-first approach

Reduce communication delays between counterparties

Petrichor Customer Dashboard
Petrichor Position Report

Optimize Physical and Financial Positions

Make better decisions with real-time insights across delivery, market, and physical exposure.

Minimize counterparty risk

Understand production and logistics impacts on delivery obligations

Set appropriate checks and balances for operational risk

See How Petrichor Can Help You

Source Materials

Navigate changing market conditions by getting ahead of customer requirements and regulatory compliance around origination and sustainable sourcing. Capture additional revenue from marketing premium ingredient attributes.

Track Production

Monitor inventory and fulfillment status, all on one screen. Take the guesswork out of projecting material balances, while providing your customers with shipment-level data at the click of a button.

Coordinate Shipments

Trace from origin through delivery progress, in seconds. Streamline the entire shipment lifecycle into a single view for your procurement and logistics teams. Plan and optimize freight across any mode of transportation, with global carrier network connections across road, rail, barge, and ocean.

Manage Risk

Link your physical and financial positions together in one place to better manage enterprise risk. Make trading decisions with confidence by integrating inventory and contract management with real-time market exposure, all linked to your financial systems of record.

Who Petrichor Helps 

Petrichor partners with organizations across the supply chain to build a modern global trade experience.

Processing Facility


Balance supply and demand from procuring raw materials to selling processed products. Capture data and insights at the formula and recipe level, while staying in control of contracts, logistics, and inventory levels.

Grain Elevator


Take control of your producer relationships and storage capacity while delivering better visibility to your customers. Stay on top of organizing contracts and settlements without compromising on position management.

Cargo Ship on the Ocean


Manage market volatility, physical positions, and commodity price risk without sacrificing margins. Ensure your risk management and procurement teams are aligned with real-time exposure and customer demands at a product attribute level.

Distribution Center


Bring predictability to your raw material forecasting and execute your procurement operations with confidence. Benchmark your supplier performance while analyzing real-time freight movements. Integrate your sourcing strategy with complete shipment data and metrics back to origin.

Get Started

Connect with one of our supply chain specialists to walk you through Petrichor on a personalized call. Learn how Petrichor can help enhance your raw material origination, logistics, and front-office processes with visibility and automation.
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