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Petrichor provides the digital backbone to make global trade easy for agribusinesses. 

We empower merchants, traders, and processors to make mission-critical decisions about their supply chains, improve their financial performance, and deliver on quality and sustainability goals. 

Agriculture and technology expertise for supply chain performance.

We are an experienced team of innovators, relentlessly focused on solving the grand challenges in food and production agriculture. Founded in 2019, Petrichor is headquartered in Chicago, the global hub of the agriculture and trading industries.

Working with industry pioneers in commodities trading, Petrichor's roots began by reimagining how suppliers, merchants, and customers in agribusiness supply chains could collaborate in a 100% cloud-based business model. After streamlining customers' processes for a frictionless approach to supply chain management, Petrichor launched its SupplySense™ platform in 2020. Today, Petrichor serves customers and supply chains on multiple continents.


The story behind the name "Petrichor"

We're often asked about the story behind our company name, "Petrichor." Petrichor, the smell of the rain, is one of the most enduring and recognizable scents on earth. This little-known word beautifully captures a complex natural process: microscopic bacteria produce a molecule called geosmin. When drops of water land on a surface, geosmin and various plant oils are released into the atmosphere. This smell is a 500-million-year-old symbiotic relationship between the bacteria and a type of arthropod that helps distribute the bacteria to new colonies. Anthropologists also speculate that one reason humans have such a strong association to petrichor is due to evolutionary linkages between the first rain of the season and the rain's importance for plant growth.

Similarly, food and agricultural production are some of humanity’s most integral relationships with nature. We believe Petrichor symbolizes the elegance found in complex systems, the foundational nature of society's ties to agriculture, and the importance of being good stewards of our environment.

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