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Dairy Processing Facility

Predictability in Processing, From Start to Finish

Take visibility to the next level by capturing the information you need about the storage, transformation, and shipment of raw and refined products from processing facilities.

Balance Supply and Demand in Real-Time

Manage purchase contracts and available stocks on one screen, providing complete clarity into allocated shipments, production schedules, and inventory. 

Petrichor Shipment Lots Dashboard
Petrichor Counterparty Shipment Documents

Unified Document Management

Automatically sync and generate bills of lading, certificates of analysis, weight certificates, customs forms, and other key documents, all in one place. Send all relevant files to third-party applications or other stakeholders with the click of a button.

Customizable Dashboards for Plant Operations

Assess production performance, waste, and processing margins across individual product formulas or recipes, or across multiple facilities. Pull retrospective data, track shipments in real-time, or use predictive analytics to forecast future needs.

Petrichor Processing Plant Operations Dashboard
Petrichor Milestone Alerts

Automated Milestone Alerts

Send updates via email, SMS, or in-app notifications to internal teams, customers, or suppliers when key events occur, like shipment allocation, freight status, and final delivery. Configure communication to be sent once or at regular intervals to stakeholders, then let Petrichor run on autopilot.

Get Started

Connect with one of our supply chain specialists to walk you through Petrichor on a personalized call. Learn how Petrichor can help enhance your raw material origination, logistics, and front-office processes with visibility and automation.
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