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Solutions that Scale with Your Supply Chain

Break down the information silos and bring your team online to its new hub for integrated supply chain operations. Financial management. Traceability. Product analytics. Find out how Petrichor can best serve your agribusiness.

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Supplier Data Management

Petrichor automatically ingests your relevant data streams from suppliers, including processing and production data, contract information, and shipment-level documentation. This reduces the time your staff spend re-entering data, mitigates the risk of clerical error, and speeds up the time it takes to make supply chain decisions.

Regulatory Compliance

With the click of a button, you can generate documents to satisfy requirements for customs and border patrol agencies, product and supply chain disclosure requests, audits and inspections, and labeling certifications. 

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Workflow Automation

Layered on top of your supplier data is Petrichor's visibility system, SupplySense, which provides intelligent notifications and decision support for decision-makers who need to buy, sell, or take action. All activities - from the beginning stages of product sourcing through to contract execution and shipment - are captured as part of the single source of truth for your supply chain. In turn, Petrichor can seamlessly integrate with your ERP, TMS, and WMS systems that you and your customers rely on for data warehousing.  

Financial Management

Manage your cash and financial positions with confidence. Hedging and cost accounting tools enable you to evaluate firm exposure and counterparty risk, while also understanding key cost drivers about your supply chain. Monitor performance across commodities, suppliers, or business units and integrate your physical and financial trading through one system.

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Ingredient Traceability

Visibility back to origin means up-to-date information to manage your quality improvement, risk management, and procurement efforts. Streamlined information flows populate a dashboard that enables supply chain managers to view product origin and attribute data at a lot level across any supplier.

Supplier Engagement

Petrichor offers an alternative to spending time searching for text messages, email attachments, and faxed documents. Communicate and view an activity feed specific to each supplier, along with a checklist of outstanding tasks, from sourcing and procurement through to shipment arrival. All parties save time and increase accountability while reducing the risk of unnecessary surprises.


Get Started

Connect with one of our supply chain specialists to walk you through Petrichor on a personalized call. Learn how Petrichor can help enhance your raw material origination, logistics, and front-office processes with visibility and automation.
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