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The Connective Layer for Food Systems 

Agriculture is one of the most fundamental industries in our society. It also still operates on pen-and-paper and spreadsheets. Petrichor changes this by creating a model that enables agribusinesses to have end-to-end visibility across and through their business operations. This enables more responsive, more effective, more profitable, and more sustainable global agricultural supply chains. 

One Platform for the Entire Supply Chain.

Petrichor delivers full supply chain visibility, from farm through to manufacturing and processing, creating an easier and more seamless experience for both your customers and suppliers.


Technology for Every Business Function

Petrichor connects across and through your business operations - sourcing, procurement, risk management, trading, quality assurance - so that everyone is up to date with a single source of truth about supply chain activities. 


Get Started in Weeks, not Months

Petrichor delivers with a dedicated implementation team and resources so that customers can have supply chain insights without interruptions or costly delays.

Better Customer and Supplier Management

Our online dashboard enables distributors and manufacturers to have real-time updates into supplier activities, allowing them to better serve their customers, reduce inventory carry, and deliver on quality improvement initiatives.

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