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Grain Bins

End-to-End Control, Starting at Origin

Petrichor streamlines sourcing and merchandising with your suppliers and customers. Unlock visibility and efficiency gains from contracts and tickets to purchase orders and logistics.

All of Your Transaction Data in One Place

Share your scale ticket or purchase order data via API, CSV, or batch data upload. Petrichor ingests and structures data from your existing software systems, enabling you to collaborate seamlessly with trading partners.

Petrichor Individual Bean Shipment
Petrichor Purchase Contracts Screenshot

Sync Open Orders with Inventory

Whether your customers are looking for bulk or specialty varieties, you can assign shipments to a customer with a few clicks. Once a shipment leaves your facility, you can track it right up to arrival at your customer.

Integrate Farm-Level Data

When you’re trying to market a specific variety or sustainable sourcing program, Petrichor integrates data to support identity preservation and mass balance processes. You can add additional data to any shipment with the click of a button and have it flow across your supply chain.

Petrichor Co-Op Map with Farmer Data
Petrichor Document Repository

Compliance Without the Headaches

Proactively manage complex international trade and regulatory requirements while maximizing the value of your ingredients. Petrichor automatically structures and compiles reports with easy-to-share data about the source of your raw materials.

Get Started

Connect with one of our supply chain specialists to walk you through Petrichor on a personalized call. Learn how Petrichor can help enhance your raw material origination, logistics, and front-office processes with visibility and automation.
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