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Cargo Ship Docked at Port

Create a Supply Chain that Gives You an Edge

Manage risk while maximizing margins with visibility across your physical and financial workflows. Automate back-office tasks. Capture data from your suppliers. Collaborate with your customers. Simplify your procurement and logistics. Make strategic decisions backed by your data and powered by Petrichor.

Petrichor Individual Shipment Tracking Page

Visibility for the Whole Journey

With Petrichor, managing the dynamics of the market won’t require reconfiguring your logistics operations. We cover ocean, barge, rail, and over-the-road shipments on multiple continents. Ensure you and your trading partners know the exact status of your shipments. Minimize the risk of fees or rejections while also improving your customer experience.

Insights Back to Origin and Through the Facility

Navigate customer and regulatory requirements around ingredient visibility with click-of-a-button traceability. Make your sourcing priorities supply chain priorities. Farm data, quality specifications, processing documents, and ingredient certifications are now at your fingertips - thanks to Petrichor’s ability to ingest, structure, and store your data in a secure and accessible way.

Petrichor Shipment Trace Visualization
Petrichor Contract Management Module

Position Management Keeps Your Operations In Sync

Seize business opportunities and improve your risk management strategy with visibility tools that integrate your physical and financial workflows. Benchmark your physical positions against your hedging strategy, digitally execute contracts with trading partners, and know your exposure in real-time.

Collaborate Securely, On Your Terms

Implementation On Your Terms

Get Started

Connect with one of our supply chain specialists to walk you through Petrichor on a personalized call. Learn how Petrichor can help enhance your raw material origination, logistics, and front-office processes with visibility and automation.
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